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Professional Organizing Services to Assist Executors Administering Estates

Settling a loved one’s estate can be overwhelming.

Even with the guidance of an estate attorney, it may simply be too much. That’s why I’m here: to offer support, experience, some bad jokes, and a helping set of hands to go through your loved one’s papers and belongings.  I'll use the knowledge I've gained through 20+ years working criminal investigations to assist you in identifying and collecting your loved one's assets.


My estate-organizing business serves "concierge" clients in New York and New Jersey, as well as "virtual" clients who live outside of my immediate area.


Like many people who start a small business, I entered this field through personal experience. What began as a tragedy led to my awareness of the growing need to help those responsible for administering their loved one’s estate. Whether you need a few hours of assistance to get you on track or you require side-by-side help over a period of months, I am ready to walk beside you on this journey.  Please click on my email address below to schedule a complimentary consultation. -- Eileen Moynahan

Purchase my 2019 book, After the Funeral: A Practical Memoir for Administering Your Loved One’s Estate 

(E-book, paperback, and audiobook, Amazon.com; audiobook also available on Audible and iTunes).


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Integrity. Compassion. Efficiency.

Legacy Estate Organizing, LLC is a boutique, professional-organizing business created

to help executors do the hands-on work of administering a loved one's estate.

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