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identify assets

Our financial lives are more complicated than ever before.  I'll help you follow the trail of paper and electronic communications to identify assets that your loved one held.  And I'll document these assets so that you and your estate attorney can track their status at any time.

track estate income and expenses

Good record-keeping is essential to effective estate administration.  I'll keep track of money coming into the estate and going out for expenses (to include professional-organizing services!).  This spreadsheet can be shared with your estate attorney, tax preparer, and estate beneficiaries as you deem fit.

settle debts

Paying your loved one's bills is not your first priority in the days following a death.  When you are ready to begin addressing outstanding financial responsibilities, I'll help you determine what is owed and to whom.  I'll document these payments to assist your estate attorney and tax preparer.

inventory collections

In some cases, an estate may include a collection that was important to your loved one.  I'll inventory the collection to the level of detail that you request.  I will also connect you with licensed appraisers who can offer guidance as to the collection.

distribute belongings

Your estate attorney will guide you in the disbursement of financial assets.  But what about their personal property?  I'll work with you to inventory what your loved one left behind and help you distribute those items so that they can be used and appreciated by the living.

provide referrals

As a boutique organizing business, I do not provide "whole-house clean-outs" as offered by some businesses.  However, I will happily provide referrals to other professional organizers who help sort and downsize the physical belongings from your loved one's estate.  I can also refer you to estate attorneys, auction houses, photo-scanning services, realtors, etc.  Your feedback will allow me to expand and refine my list of recommended providers.