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Legacy Estate Organizing, LLC

Professional Organizing Services to Assist Executors Administering Estates


Settling a loved one's estate can be overwhelming.

Even with the legal guidance of an estate attorney, it may simply be too much to handle alone.  That's why I'm here: to offer support, experience, and a helping set of hands to go through your loved one's papers and belongings.  Headquartered in the beautiful Hudson Valley, my boutique organizing business primarily serves clients in the surrounding counties of New York and New Jersey.

Like many people who decide to start a small business, I entered this field through personal experience.  What began as a tragedy has led to my awareness of a growing need to help those responsible for administering their loved one's estate.  Whether you simply need a few hours of assistance to get you on the right track or you require side-by-side help over a period of weeks or months, I am ready to walk beside you on this journey.

If you find yourself as the executor, trustee, or personal representative of an estate, I am here to work with you and your estate attorney.  Please get in touch with me for a free phone consultation.




Rockland County, NY


(845) 200-3500

Areas of Assistance

identify assets

Our financial lives are more complicated than ever before.  I'll help you follow the trail of paper and electronic communications to identify assets that your loved one held.  And I'll document these assets so that you and your estate attorney can track their status at any time.

settle debts

Paying your loved one's bills is not your first priority in the days following a death.  When you are ready to begin addressing outstanding financial responsibilities, I'll help you determine what is owed and to whom.  I'll document these payments to assist your estate attorney and tax preparer.

locate important documents

There are a number of documents required to properly administer your loved one’s estate. I will help you locate the necessary paperwork and/or obtain it from the appropriate government office. I can also help you locate heirs while wearing my genealogical and investigative hats.



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