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Eileen Moynahan - Estate Organizer, Private Investigator, Author
Ed Diaz - Retired Law Enforcement, Private Investigator

Following a two-decade career as an intelligence analyst working international criminal investigations in the U.S. and abroad, Eileen founded Legacy Estate Organizing in 2016 to turn her talents to the world of estate organizing and administration. The impetus for this move occurred in 2012, when Eileen lost her parents in a tragic car accident. With the guidance of an outstanding estate attorney, Eileen utilized the experience of sorting out her parents' estates as a way to draw closer to them and to work through her own grief. Legacy's goal is to help clients in the same fashion, protecting your loved one's legacy while walking beside you through the estate-administration process.


Eileen is skilled at locating missing heirs and lost assets, as well as obtaining the necessary proof to establish the legitimacy of an estate claim.  With our 2022 licensing by the State of New York, we have added Private Investigation to our array of services. Eileen's husband, Ed Diaz -- a retired New York State Police Senior Investigator with over 35 years of experience -- joins the firm, bringing his own investigative skillset.

We identify assets belonging to your deceased loved one and help you collect these monies on behalf of the estate.


Eileen's Education, Licenses, Skills


B.S. French, 1989


M.A. Security Policy, 1994

  • Licensed Private Investigator, New York State

  • Notary public, New York State

  • French and Spanish language skills

Ed's Education, Licenses, Skills


B.S. Natural Science, 1982

  • Licensed Private Investigator, New York State

  • Licensed Armed Security Guard, New York State

  • HR-218 Firearms Qualification, Nationwide

  • Spanish language skills

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