Organizing and Investigative Services to Assist Executors with Their Loved One's Estate

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Settling a loved one’s estate can be overwhelming.

Even with the guidance of an estate attorney, it may simply be too much. That’s why we're here: to offer our experience and skills to resolve the financial aspects of your loved one's estate. We'll use the knowledge we've gained through a collective 60+ years of investigative work to identify and collect your loved one's assets.


Our firm serves both "concierge" clients in the Northeastern U.S., as well as "virtual" clients who live outside our area. But as a boutique firm, we work with one client at a time. Yes, just one.


Like many people who start a small business, we entered this field through personal experience. What began as a tragedy led to our desire to help those responsible for administering their loved one’s estate. We are ready to walk beside you on this journey. Please email us to schedule a complimentary consultation. -- Eileen Moynahan and Ed Diaz

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